Real-Time Threat Detection & Autonomous Response

Autonomous Response

Fight back with cyber AI

The Enterprise Immune System also delivers AI-powered autonomous response across email, cloud, and network traffic, taking surgical action to contain in-progress threats within seconds. By enforcing the normal ‘pattern of life’ for a given user or device, the system works by interrupting malicious activity only and giving the security team time to catch up.

As cyber-threats gain in speed and severity, this AI-powered autonomous response has become an essential part of any security stack. While incident responders struggle to keep up with the rising volume of routine attacks, a new generation of cyber-threat has emerged, characterized in large part by fast-moving threats that make an impact well before humans have time to respond. Indeed, we are even starting to see the early signs of AI-based cyber-threats, which promise to deliver targeted attacks at scale.

Against this turbulent backdrop, organizations will need to fight back with AI to keep pace. With thousands of customers across 110 countries worldwide, Darktrace’s cyber AI is being harnessed to transform even the most complex and vulnerable organization into a resilient, self-defending digital business, neutralizing advanced attacks before they have time to escalate into a crisis.

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