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AI & Machine Learning

Learns the ‘self’ of your organization – automatically

Artificial intelligence and machine learning present a significant opportunity to the cyber security industry. Today, new machine learning methods can vastly improve the accuracy of threat detection and enhance network visibility thanks to the greater amount of computational analysis they can handle. They are also heralding in a new era of autonomous response, where a machine system is sufficiently intelligent to understand how and when to fight back against in-progress threats.

From the outset, Darktrace rejected the assumption that data relating to historical attacks could predict future ones. Instead, Darktrace’s cyber AI platform uses unsupervised machine learning to analyze network data at scale, and makes billions of probability-based calculations based on the evidence that it sees. Instead of relying on knowledge of past threats, it independently classifies data and detects compelling patterns.

Darktrace’s world-leading cyber AI allows thousands of organizations across the globe to identify and respond to all kinds of threats and highlights deviations from ‘normal’ behavior that require attention. It is the best proven, most scalable and most accurate artificial intelligence platform used today in the enterprise.

Darktrace AI detects threats that others miss — and fights back

Darktrace AI for cyber defense is powered by unique machine learning developed by mathematicians in Cambridge, UK and is relied on by thousands of organizations globally.

Our Enterprise Immune System can detect friend from foe in real time, identifying cyber-threats before they spread. Not only that, our self-learning technology can also fight back against threats as they unfold at computer speed.

Whether you face an insider threat or a long-term compromise, you are targeted with ransomware or a connected object is hacked, Darktrace sees the subtle indicators of abnormal activity, and defends your most critical systems.

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