Managed Detection and Response

Layer 7 Data Solutions in conjunction with Arctic Wolf is a leader in managed detection and response

Managed detection and response (MDR) is one of the foundational elements in our AWN CyberSOC™ service. It is built on Arctic Wolf’s industry innovations of Hybrid AI, CRulE Intentions and Security Optimized Data Architecture (SODA). AWN CyberSOC goes beyond other security services. Unlike services from traditional security service providers, AWN CyberSOC provides outcome-based services focused on proactive detection of advanced targeted attacks that have bypassed your existing perimeter controls.

We excel at helping companies that struggle to deploy, manage and use an effective combination of expertise and tools to detect threats, especially targeted advanced threats and insider threats. We improve real-time threat detection and provide better protection than traditional security service providers. MDR services are not delivered by most security service providers because they lack the security expertise or it does not fit their business of IT service management.

With AWN CyberSOC, you work with your Concierge Security Engineer, who tailors the MDR implementation to align with your exact security policies and operational requirements. We relieve you of the burden of figuring out the best method or device to use for security monitoring and response capability.

AWN CyberSOC MDR Includes:

  • Concierge Security Engineer as your single point of contact
  • Machine learning with adaptive tuning for efficiency and scale
  • Proactive threat hunting to identify known and unknown threats
  • Actionable remediation recommendations with expert security guidance


AWN CyberSOC™ Monitoring for Office 365
AWN CyberSOC™ Monitoring for Amazon Web Services
Why Choose MDR over MSSP or SIEM?
Managed Detection and Response Brief

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